VPN connection causes system freeze

I’m running OSMC November update with Kodi 18.5 on an Rpi 3B
I’ve installed the ProtonVPN Linux client, and I can successfully connect to servers, however when I try and stream video via Amazon Prime, my system freezes.
Here’s the logs

I am still connected via ssh, so I know the whole pi hasn’t crashed, however the gui is totally frozen. Does anyone have any tips? In general the pi has been very unstable as of late.

What evidence do you have that it’s the VPN that causes the system to freeze?

Does Amazone Prime work without the VPN?

Yes, after a clean reboot of the system, Amazon Prime works just fine. My VPN client is a script that I must run from the terminal to enable. If I’m streaming when I enable the VPN, the system freezes. If I exit out of the Amazon Prime app and enable the VPN I’m then unable to access Amazon Prime.

Leaving aside the question of why you are therefore using a VPN, that would tend to suggest that Amazon Prime might be blocking VPN access. Many sites do this nowadays, though I have no personal knowledge of Amazon Prime’s policy.

I noticed this in the log:

2020-01-22 10:50:18.421 T:1440998112 ERROR: [Amazon VOD] Error reason: ('Connection aborted.', error(104, 'Connection reset by peer')) (ConnectionError)

which could suggest that you were being kicked off.

I’m using a VPN because I subscribe to one and use it on all of my devices. The strange thing is I can access prime video from a laptop that is connected to the same VPN service and streaming runs just fine. I know that there is not ‘official’ support for running prime video on OSMC; could it be something to do with using a 3rd party addon?

It’s difficult to say what’s happening. Your laptop is likely to be running a different operating system and perhaps you’re also using a browser, rather than Kodi.

If it works fine without the VPN, then that would seem to be the sensible way forward.

If you intend all your devices to use the VPN, doesn’t it make more sense for your router to act as the VPN gateway for all the devices within the lan?


Unfortunately I don’t have a router capable of running a vpn currently. Plus if I’m having difficulties connecting my Rpi to a service as it stands, wouldn’t it still have issues even if the connection was offloaded to the router?

I’m very new to the OSMC scene, so apologies if my questions seem basic or dense.

I guess that would depend on the true cause of the issue. Could be a small configuration error of the VPN on the Rpi compared to a working system. Maybe a VPN guru sees your post here and offers some more informed insight.

Thanks for the help; I’ll keep tinkering and see what I can come up with.

hey there, I know a year it almost past, but I wanted to ask you if you find a solution cause I’m encountering the same issue. any help will be appreciated

Hi Tonytozoo,

Please create a new topic as cause is probably not related and please provide logs.

Thanks Tom.