VPN for OSMC on RPi2

I would like to setup 2 of my RPi2 running OSMC with a VPN service. I have not settled on a VPN service, but I have heard good things about PIA. I know that OpenELEC metalkettle repo has a PIA for OpenELEC addon that makes setup easy on that OS. Is there a similar addon or feature that would make PIA VPN setup easy on OSMC for a layman like myself? Or alternatively, is there a recommended VPN service that is fast and reliable enough to stream HD content for OSMC with relatively simple setup? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


@Shazb0t, patience helps on forums.

I am not 100% sure what you are considering as “VPN” and what you want to reach as a result with your VPN.
Generally VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology to give you secured access for to your private network. The easiest solution for that is a SSL VPN where Openvpn is the easiest solution that is also supported under OSMC. But checking out your PIA topic on the Internet it seems your target is different (anonymous Internet access), if that is the target I unfortunately don’t have a recommendation for you.

Hi, For OSMC there is no easy answer. However Brian Hornby has written a detailed guide for getting OpenVPN setup on RaspXBMC. You need to change references to read OSMC.

However unless you are confident with Linux and SHH I would wait until something comes along or go for OpenElec if it is essential.

I actually use a proxy server for my limited needs, which serves me well.

I hope that the guys at OSMC will eventually get around to adding OpenVPN via the OSMC store. However they have loads to do.

Patience is the game, and remember it is all free.

Good luck,

OpenVPN is on the todo list, but as you say, there are loads of other things to be done first.

I suspect to support VPN’s well will require if-up.d script support, but we don’t currently have that either, (as connman doesn’t support it) so we need to add support for that first. (Also on the todo list)

Thanks for the confirmation DBMandrake.

Must say that OSMC has been running on my P1 and P2 uninterrupted since the final release. No problems. Long may that continue.

Keep up the good work,

there are several threads on this topic wonder if the search function was broken here ^^

I did search, but as is evidenced by the helpful responses here, there isn’t really a solution in place to easily install and use a VPN in OSMC.

Thanks for the helpful responses.