VPN + New User Questions

Recently picked up a Vero 4K + and have had no issues enjoying media. Decided to make further use of the hardware and give other apps a go which is where I have struggled a bit as I could not find answers.

First, I would like to get a VPN working. Installing Brain’s app was relatively simple, but I have no idea what to now that it is installed. There is not one guide here that I can find that explains it in laymen’s terms step by step. Would appreciate if someone could either explain or link to a clear detailed guide.

Other issues I have had is getting the YouTube app to work at 1080p. The options I have are 1080p Live or 720p, why is this the case? There is also a Sky News app that does not work live. Something I am doing wrong?

Finally is there a guide for OSMC users to get the most out of their Vero? Thanks guys.

Whereto to you want to connect?
Who’s your VPN provider, if commercial?
Which device operating which VPN server with which configuration resides on site B?

Judging from your post I also have to ask what you think you achieve with a VPN.

See here: YouTube in 4K? - #12 by almightyguru

I don’t know. Maybe ask the maintainer of the addon? Sky News

I noticed people are getting used to having to change stupid out of the box configurations of newly bought devices like TVs etc. This is not the case with the Vero.

Are you missing something? Would you like anything changed? What do you want your Vero to do?

Sky News live may be geoblocked, which could be why the op wants a vpn?

Might be. He could give an explanation other than “it doesn’t work” then.

Got YouTube working at 1080p, thank you.

The maintainer of the Sky News app does not seem to maintain it any longer based on that link. But I noticed live does not even work via YouTube app for sky anyway.

I plan to get NordVPN and enable it on all my devices for privacy. Access gio blocked things would be a bonus. I do not see any guides in the FAQ section explaining anything.

The Vero 4K box does what I primarily got it for which is playing media. However more apps which the hardware if capable of supposing would be useful I suppose. Just feel as someone who does not know anything about Vero/Kodi maybe I maybe missing out as there is no guide out there to get the most out of the box.


Thanks. Oh and obviously that was a typo, I meant supporting :slight_smile:

Any news on when the next update will be Sam? I would like to do a clean install and just stick to using the Vero 4K+ in offline mode for media only and get something like a Roku or Firestick for apps. Also I read somewhere you are looking into building a desktop environment in a future update? That sounds interesting if I read correctly.

To solve the VPN problem will just get a new router and get it working on there. That seems a lot more straightforward.

No sweat – not the pedantic type.

There will be an update with the usual improvements in the next couple of days/
No need to do a clean install.

There is already a desktop environment available. It’s not something we plan to support officially at this time