VPN on the Vero2?

Has anyone successfully set up a VPN on their Vero2? If so, please advise my mate and I on how to do it. We’re not super-techie, but can work our way through most stuff if it’s explained in noob-speak. :slight_smile:




If you search for VPN on OSMC, you may find some advice. Things aren’t optimal at the moment, and we will one day allow this to be configured in My OSMC -> Networking.

Hope this helps


VPN via OSMC would be awesome!

Is there anything in particular that you know will work that you can point me to, Sam? Or maybe some other OSMC legend out there can do so? If not, using the power of Google (I know) I found this webpage:

If you have time, could you please give it a quick look over, and tell me if you think it could apply to the Vero2? Eg. can I install the " OpenVPN Add-On for Kodi" as suggested?


I believe there is also a forum how to where other users have discussed setting up VPN. I am mobile so cannot easily get the link but clicking the search button and typing VPN will probably bring it up


Well using the power of this OSMC forum search function would be a good starting point. All VPN solutions for OSMC on Raspberry should similar work on Vero.