VPN over NordNPV Vero 4K+, Kodi 18.7

Subject: VPN-Service with NordVPN Addon downloaded from NordVPN-Site (V5.0.0.)

Setup: User-ID, Password ==> next step VPN-location? – yes, result no connection…

Hi Sam,

do you rember me sep. 19:

I just wanted to check in and see how you were getting on with the new Vero 4K +. I trust you’re enjoying it!

As an open source project, we don’t have a fancy marketing department or budget for advertising. We simply rely on word of mouth to grow OSMC and get it in the hands (and living rooms) of more and more people. We think that the better we make OSMC, the more popular it will become.

I would love to hear about how you discovered Vero 4K + and how you’re finding the device. If you have any questions, do let me know.


Sam Nazarko

My question: I need a standard solution for a VPN-capable Vero like the NordVPN addon (my account working well with my iMAC, iPad and Fire stick TV).

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It’s probably for the wrong architecture.
Instead you should use a Kodi based OpenVPN addon and import the OVPN file instead.

Your proposed solution ?:

OpenVPN and NordVPN together on Vero or one of the two individually. How?

I cannot let off steam at the command level and as a simple and satisfied user of Vero I ask for a standard solution.

Thanks for your support

KD Neufeld

Well normally for users prefering the GUI the solution would be

If you want a permanent Tunnel then check this thread (but that require command line once).