VPN - questions


After two days I finally set the VPN on my raspberry 2 with Openvpn (I’m using kodi 17v) - I’m pretty green in this, but somehow I manage.

I have three questions:

  1. How can I check if VPN really works? Right now I’m running a speedtest (ARNU Box Speed Tester), I can see where is the server - But for sure there is some quicker and more effective way

  2. How can I set the kodi to launch the Openvpn after every boot?

  3. Without the VPN I have around 80 Mb/s but with it is going down to 8-10 Mb/s. I knew that the download will be lower but I didn’t expect that. I’m using AzireVPN as a provider - this could be the reason?

Thank you for your time :wink:

To check your vpn is active, look at ifconfig for a tun device so…
ifconfig | grep tun
To see what your outgoing ip address is, use one of the ipinfo services eg ipinfo.io so…
curl ipinfo.io
will give you your address and location info

How about doing a write up on how you did for other green like myself! LOL. I hate doing things that make me feel stupid…there is a lot more f hate in me this weekend! I admire anyone who understands all of this…

I use mostly tutorials from all the sites. Let me know with what you are having the problem - I will try to help you


  1. you can check if your vpn is working if the request is going from and coming to the new IP. That’s essentially what vpns do.

Also, if you know your IP, you open up a browser on a separate device and know the details of your old and new IPs over “whatismyipaddress”

  1. For number two, there are actually links and videos out there that you would want to look into, it’s a bit detailed, though

  2. About the speed. try restarting your router, close other DLs and the try contacting your existing provider before you give others a shot. Use that as a last resort but if you have to, try other vpns like HSS, zenmate, ivacy vpn and others to be certain if it’s indeed your provider that has issues.

Also, the speed will also depend upon the region you’re trying to connect to. the farther you are from the server, the more reduction in bandwidth/ping you will encounter