Vpn to access iplayer from us

I have express vpn installed but their support folks tell me they do not support the Vero 4K to the degree that will allow access to iplayer. I have a Pure VPN license but their add on won’t install (it won’t for me). Any ideas? Is there a thread on this?

You can use the Brian Hornsby VPN add-on to configure any VPN.

I think iPlayer is pretty guarded against VPN, so I’m not sure how successful you’ll be


I’ve tried to use that but can’t understand his guidelines. Is there a video or a set of instructions more digestible to the technically less literate?

For example, I can’t figure out where to get the zip file.

I found the zip file and got “Failed to install”. The zip file is showing as 1.11 MB in File Manager.

On a USB drive.

I use the Zomboided OpenVPN Manager on a Pi3 running the latest OSMC with IPlayer WWW from the Kodi repo.

I use the User Defined setup, as you are able to download and add your provider’s ovpn profiles manually (there is an easy to follow wizard as well). You could try setting up with the Pure VPN profile first but I had no success with the inbuilt profiles for NordVPN.