Vpnc: no response from target

The vero box is a satellite device for me, that I want to connect via VPN to my home network at startup. The VPN service tells me that I need the Cisco compatible VPN client vpnc.

This is the vpnc config file:

osmc@vero:~$ sudo cat /etc/vpnc/myvpn.conf
IPSec gateway domain.my
IPSec ID myId
IPSec secret mySecret
IKE Authmode psk
Xauth username myUser
Xauth password myPwd
IKE DH Group dh2
IPSec secret-flags 0
Local Port 10000
#NAT Traversal Mode natt
NAT Traversal Mode cisco-udp

It fails with this error: vpnc: no response from target (see below for full debug trace)

This has to be a problem with the vero box, as it is working with the exact same config (I just did a copy/paste and tried it) on a different device (running Ubuntu 20.04).

Any hint is greatly appreciated.

See here the full debug trace of the failed connection attempt:

Which VPN provider are you using?
I would be surprised if they do not provide an OpenVPN interface.


The VPN service is provided by a german DSL modem, called FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360.
This is the corresponding setup guide: VPN-Verbindung zur FRITZ!Box unter Linux einrichten | AVM Deutschland

I don’t know if it supports OpenVPN as well … will try it out.

I will wait for another German to respond as they may know more about this device. It seems to be a popular router / modem.

Maybe not the very specific device, but the product family is quite popular, yes.

Seem to be not supported by the device:

In short: it supports IPSec, but neither OpenVPN, nor IKEv2.

This Wiki entry is for a different device model, but this should apply to all devices of this family.