VUplus per add-on no longer working

Hi guys, since last VU box major update VTI 13.0.3, the VUplus add-on cannot connect to the server. Seems to be a database issue, not sure if in OSMC or on the VU box.

Can you check with the developer of this addon? It’s possible your backend is too old

Was working until one week ago…
I didn’t know how to find the developer

I don’t use VU but Google is a very powerful tool.

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We don’t develop this add-on or anything to do with VU, so we can’t really advise.

You would need to contact the add-on maintainer. That should be available under the add-on information in Kodi.

We only package and update the add-on as it’s updated. I am sure that if you let them know that problems have occurred in the last week they will be able to advise.

Things happened.
First I checked the addon on iPad (MrMC) and Kodi on Mac, and was working without problems.
That means the problem is in the Debian version.
Than I checked on V4K the pvr Simple Client with the same VU box and was also working. I also installed tvheadend but was too complicated to set up.

Surprisingly, one last trial with the VU addon and was working.
I don’t know what fix it, the tvheadend install, the use of the Simple Client or the twenty reboots, but now is working.

I will keep an eye on it, if happen again, maybe more lucky to point the problem.