Wait For Library

I use a shared MySQL Library and media files that are hosted by a MacMini. After a power outage, I have to reboot my media players (RPi and Vero) because they boot faster than the MacMini and fail to connect to the library. (Sometimes, just restarting Kodi works.)

I kind of hoped that “Wait for Network” would alleviate this, but it didn’t because the router also boots much faster than the Mini.

Would it be possible to implement a “wait for library” feature that would keep attempting to access the MySQL library for some user-selected amount of time before loading Kodi?

Or, perhaps, I’m the only one who has this problem….

At the moment it is 30 seconds. Would 1 minute be enough?


I’m sorry. You mean the current wait for the SQL server is thirty seconds?

Last night there was a power outage. My Vero managed to connect to the library, my Pi B+ did not. Both have “wait for network” set.

Perhaps the wait time could bet set by the user. If not in the GUI then in a configure file?


I’ll see what we can do. Environment drop in should take care of this.


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Thank you.