Wake Vero4k+ from PC

Is there an easy way to wake the device from my PC? if I want to send any files to it I have to wake it or the transfer speed is very poor. I have Kore app on my phone but the wake command does not work, I have to use the reboot command but this obviously takes some time to get it online

You could try the Webserver of Kodi.
You then can sent key press via wget.

Just tried the webserver, it does not connect unless the vero is awake

Maybe we have to clarify what you mean with not awake.
Are you shutting down the Vero or put it into suspend?

Because in suspend the Vero keeps the network up and running.

My mistake, the Vero had been shutdown. I now have the webpage up (Vero in Suspend) but the only options for power are Quit Kodi, Shutdown, Reboot and Suspend, no wake so its about the same as Kore, I have to re-boot to wake, unless you know a way after all the remote does it.

To wake what?
To wake from suspend you just need to send any keypress
To wake from shutdown that is not possible remotely

If you have a network performance problem that only can be solved by a reboot you would have to investigate that.

Right here is what I have found. From the Kodi webserver suspend instruction shuts down the Vero, it does not suspend. The Stop key wakes the Vero from suspend. I can now wake the Vero from my PC but cant put it back into suspend.

Use the buildt in screen saver, to suspend insted of screensaver.

With which web interface? I just tried it on mine with Arch and suspend worked correctly. I could also wake it up by just pressing a direction key on my keyboard while the web interface was my active window (the web interface forwards some of the keyboard presses such as direction arrows, enter, and backspace).

Thank you so much, Chorus2 now dumped and Arch works perfectly plus I love the interface

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