Wakup Samsung TV via Vero4K+ CEC after suspend doesn't work

I’m a owner of an Vero4K+ since a few days. I have configured it to my expectations. I can say that that device is the best kodi based media center i ever owned, many thanks.
I have one suggestion: the enclosed remote control has no power button. Also only using the suspend state… a power button is really important; i had to replace with another remote control having that. Please deliver newer devices with a better remote control…

And finally i have a unresolvable problem (as in the title of that topic): i own one of that (CEC related) really bad TV’s from Samsung. The Vero4K+ is configured (in the CEC settings) to switch off the TV while going into ‘standby’ mode and to wakeup after end of ‘standby’. I assume that ‘standby’ is assigned to the ‘suspend mode’ of OSMC/Kodi?!
If i trigger suspend for Vero4K+ then the also the TV is goging to Standby (red LED on TV), so that’s fine :slight_smile:
But the other way: Wakeup Vero4K+ from remote control wake up only OSMC, but not the TV. If i manually (from a SSH console) call ‘kodi-send --action=CECActivateSource’ then the TV switch on.

Reading other topics here i think the problem is simular to other entries in the forum, but i couldn’t find a solution.
Is there a way (a really working ‘coming back from suspend’ hook script etc.) to solve the problem for me or for all people?



We don’t have plans to add a power button to the remote. I’m not sure where a good place to put such a button would be. Perhaps we should develop some long press support; something like hold Home for a few seconds to send power off signal.

This is an oversight on my part. I’ll see what can be done here.

A customer has requested this via the ticket system; so I will also add support to run a Python script on suspend and on resume.



I will wait and hope for that, my experiments with systemd-service hooks were not successful.


After today’s update (coming in a few hours), we will try and wake the active source via CEC when resuming from suspend



After a few days of usage, i can say. it seems to work :slight_smile:
Many thanks

Great – thanks for letting me know.