Warning before upgrading to Kodi 19?

OSMC updates are always very smooth, but they also generally show little detail about versions, etc.

My question is, when OSMC will upgrade to Kodi 19 Matrix, apart of announcements in blogs/forums, etc. will be there also a special warning in the UI, e.g. an additional confirmation request
“Proceed to upgrade OSMC to version 19.x ? (Y/N)”
I’m asking because I use some addons that might not be v19-ready, so in that case I’d prefer to make a conscious choice of delaying the upgrade.


Yes there will be. But there won’t be anymore updates that are not v19 now. So assume that the next update you get will be v19, and don’t update for now.


Should those of us still running Pi 1 and 2 ever upgrade?

Pi 0/1 is end of life, so there is no upgrade.

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