Washed out HDR on passthrough HDR

So passthrough HDR worked perfectly fine up to about a week ago on my Yamaha RX-V6A, now it looks all washed out. Setting it to Auto seems to produce a better image but I suspect it’s just SDR.

Anything that changed?

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/agakopekis

I have rebooted and cold-booted.

You have a similar problem to this:

Your Yamaha is not passing through HDR capabilities (or even deep colour) from your TV. It seems you’ve had issues with EDID reading in the past since you have a disp_cap file. Do you have more than one display like @Adam1V or some other special set-up that’s causing the EDID to be lost on it’s way from your display?

No I just added that file right before as I was not seeing all the available resolutions. I thought it might fix things. It did not change anything.

I don’t have two outputs. In fact I just got back home so nothing has changed cable-wise. I can regenerate the logs without the cap file.

No need for new logs just for that but we need to find out why you’re not getting the full EDID. Can you try different HDMI cables and/or clean the contacts?

Ack, just cleaned the HDMI on the Vero and we’re back to normal. Was sure it was a software problem. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Glad it’s ‘solved’ but strange it wasn’t the cable between AVR and TV since the AVR was giving you its capabilities.