Watched state reset when refreshing tv show or episode

Hi, I’ve noticed that when refreshing a tv show, movie or an episode that the watched state gets restet as well. Is there any special reason for this or any setting that would need to be set? I’ve previously used Pi’s and this didn’t happen. Thank you.

This is a Kodi specific issue that you should address there. OSMC has no bearing on your problem.

Are you sure? Then why does this not happen on the PI but only on Vero 2 ? Same OSMC / KODI version

The library is controlled by Kodi not by OSMC so it is likely a kodi issue.

If we are to help here then to get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Our wiki contains detailed steps for providing the relevant info we need to help you.

You will need to enable debug logging in kodi and then reproduce the problem so that we can see the exact actions in the log file.

It would help if you can do this on both the Pi and the Vero so that we can compare the working logs with the non-working logs.

This might suggest a corrupt database. I have seen issues before where watched progress does not update properly as a result of this.

The library management functionality should be identical across all OSMC devices. I would suggest (if you don’t mind losing current scraping status) moving the databases out of .kodi so they are recreated.

Hi Sam, the db is actually on MySQL but let me have a look and see what I can find. Thanks