WD Elements Desktop is connected to Vero4k - How to put it into Idle mode?

I have learned that there ist no chance to turn off / turn on the Vero 4K and therefore to “tell” connected hard drives to go to idle mode. Ok, but the situation is that I have l 5 TB hardrive connected directly to my Vero 4k. When I leave the Vero 4K on (over night for example) the connected WD Elements Desktop keeps rotating the whole night. Any Idea how to handle it?

Most external drives will spin down after a while to save power. WD says the time is usually 10 minutes but for certain drives this can be changed and/or disabled. http://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=1376.

OSMC is configuring your Harddisk to automatically go to standby when not in use so if your harddisk is not going for sleep there are two possible reasons:

  1. It doesn’t support the standby signal sent by OSMC
  2. Some process/addon is keeping you harddisk awake with regular disk access. You could investigate that with watch "lsof | grep /media" assuming your drive is mounted under /media.

That is the only solution that makes my WD spin down, 2 minutes job.

Nice find.

Thank you. I have to try this but I have no experience in changing code or something else. However, thanks for the hints and explanations.

Just wanted to left another hint.
I have WD hdd connected to Vero 4k (and previously to rpi2) by chinese usb to sata adapter.
Hdparm was giving me strange results - sometimes it was switching hdd to ide, sometimes not.
What resolved my issue was hd-idle - http://hd-idle.sourceforge.net/
With this utility I was able to set idle time exactly how I wanted.