WD Pi Drive always on, even when Pi is idle

Forgive me if I’m completely wrong with this but I have the WD Pi Drive and it has a white led which stays lit when the drive is being accessed or flashes when the drive is “idle”. Since I’ve connected it to OSMC the led is lit all of the time, even when OSMC is just idle and not doing anything, anyone know if this is normal? I’m a bit concerned the drive is being accessed all of the time and possibly reducing the life of the drive?
When I had the drive connected to my plex server on the Pi, the led was flashing all of the time like it was “idle” until I started accessing data and then it would go to staying lit.
I only have my media stored on the drive, no system files.


We need to use hd-idle, hdparm is not doing its job.


Hi Sam, thanks for the quick reply. Is that something that needs to be changed by yourselves in OSMC or something I can change on my setup?

It’s something we need to do. With that said, @DBMandrake is not convinced disk idling is something we can necessarily achieve well so we may drop support for it altogether.


ok thanks for your help

Just a quick update, after leaving it on all night OSMC has stopped working the drive all the time, happy as pie now :smile: