WD PiDrive squicky sounds

Hi guys, i have RPi2 model B with OSMC and WD PiDrive connected. And i have few questions;
Can i change time for hdd to go in idle state? hdparm will work ?
My drive sounds squicky from time to time-sounds like bad sectors on my ex windows machine-is this normal?



Squicky is a hard sound to define.

The best way to check drive health is via smartctl, which reports SMART data. You can install smartmontools with sudo apt-get install smartmontools first.

Hard disks can be noisy, this is not necessarily indicative of a problem.


Hi Sam, thanx for fast answer.
I’m gonna check this out.
Also I noticed rainbow square in right corner of my screen-from info that I found here, looks like my Pi is under voltage. I have 2A power supply connected to both -Pi and HDD- can it be the reason why my HDD sounds strange from time to time?


You can check with a voltmeter whether your Pi power supply is actually offering 5V.

5V 2A + a HDD without external power can be a bit borderline. It’s hard to qualify the sound you are hearing, but ensuring you have sufficien power is never a bad thing.

Hi, these sounds were done by header going to 0 location…

hdparm doesn’t work for my WD but hd-idle works fine.