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Is there any itinerary for having a usable web browser in OSMC for the Pi? I would really like to have media in my kitchen and be able to access my recipes on pepperplate.com from the same machine.

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Search for ‘Chromium’ on this forum.

I can’t figure out if web browsing is something people are not interested in or what.
I’m also searching for a web browser in OSMC for the Pi and everything that’s available is this “Testing Chromium build” you are answering everybody on these forums!

I hoped for a more robust solution - will that be available somehow or is it a WONTFIX? Thanks guys!

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OSMC is an OS that is focused on being primarily a platform for running Kodi. As Kodi does not have a web browser in it the only other option is install an environment (X11) that will allow a web browser to run on it. The post just above yours gives a link to a thread that gives instructions on how to do this.

If web browsing is more of a primary concern to you then Kodi you might consider installing Raspbian on your Pi instead of OSMC.

Thanks for the consideration, but no, because I’m preparing a platform for my mother that can’t be a fully featured general purpose OS! I definitely think a full, complete, accelerated KODI browser add on should be on schedule, at least from the Kodi team itself :smiley: and for OSMC as a consequence!

Edit: I would also like to ask where can I set the mouse sensitivity. I couldn’t figure it out after hours of OSMC usage. I interact with the Pi with a small wireless keyboard+touch.

That sounds like a request that would be better suited to the Kodi forum.

Regarding the mouse I don’t believe there has ever been a way to adjust the sensitivity in Kodi. There may be a way to adjust this in Debian (don’t know, never tried) but mouse support has never been great with Kodi as it is a media player that is designed primarily around using a normal remote control. I use Kodi on PC’s as well and I end up using the keyboard to control it most of the time which I find works better than the mouse.

I stopped development on this because Kodi is working on a web browser implementation.

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I am looking for a PI based TV box to replace my android TV box.
Kodi and OSMC look promising but a TV without internet browser is a No-Go for me.
I hate streaming from the internet but want download and play locally which is much more reliable, faster and comfortable in my unstable environment.
Also the player features in Kodi lack looping, single frame and slow motion features which are essential for many instructionan videos e. g. on ballroom dancing or card tricks.
So I guess I am going with plain raspberry OS and use VLC.

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Of course you do not need those if you just watch movies.
But have you ever tried to learn ballroom moves without slow motion or A-B loop option?
That’s a real pain.
There is another nice thing that VLC can do which is playing sound with faster play speeds.
I like this because then I can more easily skip over less relevant sections in instructional videos.

So if Kodi is not suitable to your use-case, what is the point of creating a forum account here to advise you aren’t going to use OSMC? Wasting your keystrokes and wasting the time of anyone else here who already uses OSMC/Kodi.

No one cares if you don’t use it. Let’s all just go on with our lives.