Web Interface broken

Hi there,
I hope I didn’t overlook a similar question on here.
I’ve been reliably running OSMC and Owncloud on a Raspberry Pi 2 for a long time now and everything worked really well until two days ago. For some reason I can’t reach the built in webinterface anymore which also means Yatse doesn’t work. SSH, Apache and everything else still works without problems.
I’m not aware of any updates to OSMC or the Pi in general that could have broken anything.
Web interface is running on port 8080, Apache is on 80 and 443.
The log does show the webserver starting and stopping repeatedly but I’ve got no clue why.
Any ideas?
Thank you!


edit: I also tried switching back to the standard webinterface (I’m using Chorus), turn the webserver off and on and checked everything else I could think of. Still nothing.

Alright, further investigation brought me to believe that
22:24:59 17007.564453 T:1699738608 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings
is where my problem is. I don’t know how or why that should happen out of the blue but it’s where everything seems to be coming down. Could this have anything to do with this new skin?
Any pointers on how to fix this?

Moving guisettings.xml as suggested in another thread brought the standard webinterface back to life.
Very mysterious…

I’m pretty sure this is present in all installations currently and has no bearing on your problem.

Can you try temporarily switching to an alternate skin like Confluence and see if this goes away.

Supplying the correct logs is always a good start too, have a look here for more info.

Huh, the log I linked to in my first post seemed pretty extensive to me. I exported it from the command line. Is there more?

I’m at work now so I can’t change skin, but since I was able to bring the default webinterface back and got Yatse to work too I’m suspecting Chorus itself to be the culprit? Is that possible?

Apologies, I didn’t see your log, thanks for submitting it.

I’m slowly working my way through this. :wink: I can’t set the default webskin right now since Kodi won’t accept me changing guisettings.xml manually, but Chorus is working fine under http://localhost:8080/addons/webinterface.chorus/.
What the hell happened there?
My favourite kind of problem…

You have to stop Kodi before editing guisettings.xml and then restart afterwards.


Thanks, I already tried that but it still didn’t stick…

There is no explaination for this. I can do this at will without any issue.

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
nano ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

Thanks. I was an idiot and left it at <webskin default=“true”>webinterface.chorus. I can change it now, but it still doesn’t work. But that might have something to do with an incoherent guisettings.xml since I just changed that one line.
Thanks for the help so far, I’ll try to figure the rest of this out once I’m in front of my setup again.

In conclusion, guisettings.xml seems to have been the problem here. I’ll mark it as solved for now and update with further information if I have any.