Web interface keeps turning off


I use OSMC in its newest version on RPi 3. For controlling it I use Yatse Android app on my LG G4 which in turns makes use of standard HTTP service = web server that OSMC is presenting. In configuration I haven’t changed a thing, Chorus 2 UI is set, but for last month or two the web interface keeps turning itself off.

It happens irregularly once a day or two without any obvious trigger. Sometimes it works for a day and during the night, the server turns itself off. The next day OSMC cannot be controlled by Yatse. When I try to access OSMC web UI URL, it doesn’t work as well. When I connect my keyboard to the Pi at this moment, OSMC can be controlled and works smoothly so only thing stopping from work is web server.

Here are logs from today: my OSMC and remote control were working smoothly until lunch when the remote control turned itself off in middle of watching two videos. I restarted the Pi and the remote was back on.


Please, can you help me with the issue?

Thank you,

Is this a rpi3 and what device are you running Yatse on ?

Thank you for the response, I have edited my report.
Yes, I am using RPi 3 and for Android device I use LG G4.
However I think the issue won’t relate with Yatse as the web server with its UI is not accessible as well.

Try to reboot your router. How long does the connection last after that?

No I doubt if it’s yatse. There seems to be a problem with the rpi3 built in wifi and your symptoms seem quite similar, see this thread…

In my case it’s a samsung triggering the problem, I wondered if you were on a samsung too. My workaround is to use an external wifi dongle, do you have one you could try?