Web server problems

Unfortunatly the web server settings have reset again. It was all fine after reboot but then after the next poweroff and on it was reset. Username and password fields are empty, port is back to 8080 and the previously mentioned checkbox is unchecked again.
What is going on there?

Generally, it’s recommended to run these devices continuously, rather than switch then on/off each day.

One possibility is that the SD card is broken and won’t hold data. You can easily test this by connecting to the Pi by SSH and creating a file. Running the command touch testfile will be enough. Then power off the Pi, switch it on again and see if the file is still there.

Never heard that this was the recommended way. I’m not using it often enough to legitimate having it running all the time. Mine is powering off when TV goes into standby and gets powered on (reset) through a USB adapter when TV is turned on.

Test passed, the testfile is still there after a power cycle.

If the testfile is still there, then it’s difficult to know where the problem lies.

It could be that the machine isn’t being shut down correctly. Are you using CEC to run a controlled shutdown of the Pi or does it simply lose the power on TV standby?

It costs about $6/year for it to run all the time. You aren’t really saving/wasting anything at all by leaving it on.

It’s a controlled shutdown.

Then I’m out of ideas. First, see if it’s 100% reproducible or only occurs occasionally over a few reboots (no power off) then shutdowns (power off).

So it’s also happening on reboot.
I had just changed settings level to Expert before and it also reverted back to Standard.

Could it be

ERROR: CSettings: unable to load settings from special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml, creating new default settings

or this one?

WARNING: JSONRPC: Could not parse type “Setting.Details.SettingList”

The would be file /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml.

See if you can edit it. Look for webserverport and try to set it to 80.

This was a known problem and should have been fixed. See thread: Skin changes lost after a reboot
It’s often hard to say if the error comes from a bug or the SD card. I had both, on one Pi it was the bug from older versions, on another Pi it was the SD card… If you have a second SD card gice it a try, if the problem still exists I think the other thread is the right one.

I’m thinking more towards a corrupted xml file. We’ll see.

This installation is also >2yrs old. Is this still the original SDcard or have you migrated at some point?

This worked.

Might be [quote=“ActionA, post:17, topic:36961”]
Is this still the original SDcard or have you migrated at some point?

I think it’s still the original one. At least that old. Should I run a h2testw?

i can’t see any reason not to.

Well it takes a while… :slight_smile:

The last posts sound like it’s not fixed.

I suspect it would cost far more time if the card suffers a catastrophic h/w failure and became completely unrecoverable…

If it’s the card, I will have to reinstall anyway. Well I’m now backing up the card to test it. Will report back…

No errors found. The card seems fine. (yes, i checked the whole disk, not only the fat partition)
I guess with my usage pattern it will last a whole lot longer than on a always-on pi.

Maybe I should reinstall anyway?
Edit: done.

Remember that SD cards do have a finite life and don’t cost a fortune to replace. 2 years for an SD card running OSMC is probably like 10-15 years for a car. You’re in that zone where you’d be wise to take some tools whenever you go on a long journey. :wink: