Web server problems

Well it takes a while… :slight_smile:

The last posts sound like it’s not fixed.

I suspect it would cost far more time if the card suffers a catastrophic h/w failure and became completely unrecoverable…

If it’s the card, I will have to reinstall anyway. Well I’m now backing up the card to test it. Will report back…

No errors found. The card seems fine. (yes, i checked the whole disk, not only the fat partition)
I guess with my usage pattern it will last a whole lot longer than on a always-on pi.

Maybe I should reinstall anyway?
Edit: done.

Remember that SD cards do have a finite life and don’t cost a fortune to replace. 2 years for an SD card running OSMC is probably like 10-15 years for a car. You’re in that zone where you’d be wise to take some tools whenever you go on a long journey. :wink: