WebDAV server or OwnCloud on OSMC?


I would like to install a WebDAV server or OwnCloud on OSMC. The aim is to have access to some of my movies over the Internet.

Ideally, I would like to access the movies that are on my TimeCapsule (the ones I can already access from OSMC, using SMB). If not possible I would just plug an USB Drive and share the movies it contains over the Internet.

I found this tutorial that explains how to install a web server and OwnCloud on a raspberry PI: How to set up a secure Raspberry Pi web server, mail server and Owncloud installation
But it requires to create a new user and delete standard user. Wouldn’t that “break” OSMC?

Would it be possible to install only WebDAV rather than OwnCloud, as I don’t need all the functionalities of OwnCloud?

More generally, what do you think about the feasibility of installing OwnCloud (or WebDAV) on OSMC to share movies over the Internet?
Is that possible to share via WebDAV/OwnCloud the movies that are located on my TimeCapsule (shared to OSMC via SMB)?

Thank you for any help or advice you can provide!

[Edit] I mentioned WebDAV, but maybe an SFTP server would also fulfill my needs?
[Edit 2] Read-only access would be fine. So maybe is there a simpler solution?

Afaik pestmeester site doesn’t require to remove any user, it’s just a suggestion for better security (but on Raspbian distro, not OSMC). Afaik v2: owncloud is easy to install via debian repositories, just follow the directions on their site, or search for owncloud threads here (owncloud or nextcloud threads).

Thank you!
I am concerned about security, so if I create a new user and delete the default one, will OSMC continue to work?
[Edit] I mean if I move the “pi” user files to the home directory of the user I will create, would OSMC still work?

Nextcloud is a fork of OwnCloud and was forked by the founder, Frank.
It’s probably a better way to go than OwnCloud.

No, OSMC must have osmc user to run correctly. Just disable password login for the osmc user.

OK, I was not aware of Nextcloud, thank you for the information.

OK, thanks! (And yes, I should have talked about the “osmc” user and not “pi”)

I use Nextcloud on my OSMC box behind an nginx SSL reverse proxy and then use the “External Storage” plugin for Nextcloud to add my NAS to Nextcloud. You must use the external storage app, don’t point the Nextcloud installation directly to the media as you then won’t be able to add anything to it via any other means.

Thank you!