Webmin - How to install

I tried to install webmin following instructions here:

but it did not work. Is there a better way to do it from Ap store or try something else friendlier to OSMC?


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To answer that question we would need to understand what particularly you want to do with Webmin

I would like to manage my shares. use samba, and try to avoid putty and have GUI.

Get it: Download webmin_1.770_all.deb (Webmin)

  1. Bung it into, say, your home directory.

  2. Navigate to said directory.

  3. sudo dpkg -i webmin_file_name.deb

(Now needs dependencies)

  1. sudo apt-get install -f

(Downloads and installs said dependencies)

  1. Bingo! By default in browser on remote system and assuming, on osmc system, firewall is either not activated or has port allowed, address is https://ip_of_osmc_system:10000

By default, username=osmc password=osmc

Now to create havoc! Hope you know what you’re doing!

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@SoorPloom gave you some good info in his post how to install. But I would like to underline his last sentence

Thanks! LOL, maybe after all these warnings I should change my mind about installing it:worried:


Explanation please.

Well, while I believe you can do many things right with Webmin you also can do changes to the system that can give trouble. Therefore I agree with your comment

Don’t be.

If you’re new to linux/Raspberry Pi/OSMC, experiment. Knowledge is seldom gained from success, especially in the general/home field of IT, whereas much is learned from utter failure but with a bit of determination to find the answers.

At the end of the day, if you muck it up, suck up the experience and try again. It can be fun. Sometimes.


Absolutely but as you possibly are aware, Webmin can be a godsend whilst administrating headless or remote *nix systems or where the user is not too familiar with command line procedures.

You might like to refer to my further response to ‘calexicoca’ whereby experimentation is frequently the way to go particularly with non critical systems.

Yep, I know its old. And Webmin and PI’s work in other contexts but…

I can’t log in as osms/osmc? I can from ssh using those credentials.
The webmin wiki say that any user that has sudo rights can login.
Port 10,000 is open and there are no firewalls anywhere near this test lan.

Any advice?

Regards, Martin

As your problem is different (can’t login is a very different problem from can’t install) and also as this thread is the best part of 12 months old, you would have a much better chance of a meaningful answer if you were to open a new thread and provide some more details about your specific problem there. Include wherever possible precise error message, log files and screenshots.

This interested me so I thought I’d have a look for you.

I installed web in and had the same issue as you, I could get to the login page but not log in. After a little Googling I found that there was a way to reset my Webmin password via the command line.

sudo /usr/share/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin root {password of your choice}

You can then log into webmin with root/{password of your choice}

Once logged in you probably want to set up webmin so that it uses your main OSMC user account to log on. It’s fairly intuitive but you basically have to create a webmin group, select what webmin modules this group can use and then convert an existing UNIX account to a webmin account. You can then log in using your OSMC account and ditch the ‘root’ account we just changed the password of.

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Jings, somehow tripped over this old thing but now probably too late to help but regardless, here goes:

Webmin defaults to ‘root’ access and root, as default, has no linux password. Quick and dirty, allocate root a password and assuming osmc user still has ‘osmc’ as a password:

ssh in, as in: ssh osmc@ip_address

Enter password (osmc or whatever you had previously changed it to)

Then enter: sudo passwd root

Then enter chosen password and then again when requested to confirm

‘root’ now has a password

Enter ifconfig (to get Pi’s ip address)

In browser, enter https://pi_ipaddress:10000

username=root and password=whatever_you_had_previously_chosen

When in Webmin, go to top left hand corner and select ‘Webmin’ then ‘Webmin Users’ and add, for example, ‘osmc’ with the appropriate configuration settings

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That is an alternative way of doing it. I would prefer to leave my root password locked with no password.

Will let you set the webmin root password to something of your choosing whilst leaving the actual root user account locked.

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sudo /usr/share/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin root {password of your choice}

Oops, good spot. I’ve corrected my posts.