Website is broken

I have no idea what is going on with the website, I placed order 14505 and everything seemed fine, the order however still says processing, I assumed from the terms and conditions that it would take 1 business day for my order to arrive.

“We endeavour to dispatch any orders on the same day whenever possible. Items are sent from the UK and are tracked to your destination. Our shipping takes 1 working day for UK customers and 3-5 working days for the rest of the world.”

Then tried to submit a support ticket to say that my first support ticket did not work and was told again I did not have permission to view, but now I have Daniels ticket and my original ticket both closed but my new ticket is missing.

All the support tickets say “Closed”

I submitted a ticket to say the support ticket system is not working to see if I get my 2nd ticket and again I get “You do not seem to have permission to access this ticket, or it does not exist.” – and now I have another support ticket that says

– snip –

I will give this another 24 hours then I will issue a chargeback.

Kind Regards

Have you bought it on Ebay?
I am pretty sure that OSMC products is only sold on OSMC website and no where else.

Nope, I bought from OSMC store at - the eBay messages that I have on the support ticket seem to be addressed to Sam, I think the support ticket system is broken.

Ok, that seems strange.
I did not know that OSMC had a support ticket system. Do you have a link to this?

Thank you for replying buddy, here is the link,

Oh I did not know that. I maybe thought you have bought it on Ebay and was looking for support there because of all the Ebay links :slight_smile:
The Ebay stuff is indeed very strange then, maybe @sam_nazarko can help you.

Thank you, I will send him a message.

I have tagged him in the previous message, so he should see this thread.

Excellent, I sent him a message with a link to this thread, I really can’t wait to get playing with the Vero 4K and OSMC, I hope the website issues can be resolved, it is odd I got what appears to be emails to Sam from eBay on my support ticket, you have been very helpful, thank you.

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No problem, I am sure this gets resolved quickly , OSMC is known for fast and excellent support :wink:

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I’ve been at a funeral so my phone was been off for almost 24 hours and I haven’t been replying to much.

That support system is experimental and I’ve hidden it for now. The eBay emails are templates to test replies by email that use HTML (and ensure we parse them to text properly).

Our proper addresses for correspondence are and

Being trigger happy with chargebacks is never a good idea. I’ve now cancelled the order and refunded your original payment method.

We should be up to date on orders tomorrow afternoon (for others wondering); but I did take a small break from everything yesterday. Our shipping times are best effort; and while they can usually be considered accurate, there can always be unforeseen circumstances that delay things by a day or two.

We do have an eBay outlet as some customers prefer to buy items from eBay only.


No problem Sam, as per my private message to you my sincere apologies for chargeback comment, with no change to the order status, the weird responses from the ticketing system and having been burnt before alarm bells started ringing, had I known where you were I would have held back, I unfortunately had no way of knowing, I wish you every success for the future, I would have loved to have been part of the community with a shiny Vero 4K.

All the best,

Sorry about that, I did a search on the forum, and found a post about ebay sales, but I can see it is quite old.

We only sell the Vero 4K and remote controller on eBay.
The software itself is of course free and remains free.

The support system should have said that it was a feature in testing. I have hidden it now to avoid further confusion.

Sometimes people don’t keep a record of emails so the portal is designed to give them a chance to retain their tickets over time when it’s released.

Feel free to re-place the order – we just have to be very cautious as chargebacks can cause big problems for us.


Understood, I have replied to your PM with regards to a re order and will do so as soon as the refund hits my account.

The ticketing system is a great idea and when it is ready or you are beta testing feel free to get in touch if you need testers.

Thank you Sam.

Kind regards.