WebVTT subtitles inside MKV not showing

I have a problem with subtitles not showing up. I have a MKV file which, according to MKVToolNix contains a “WebVTT” codec subtitle file that does not show up when the video is played. However the subtitle track is visible in OSMC subtitle options when the video is on. Obviously I have checked the settings so that I have subtitles enabled, but still nothing. An external srt file works well with that video. When I open the same video file on my PC the subtitles are visible. Is there a codec pack or something that I’m missing? I have other MKV files that contain subtitles and they are working fine.

The OSMC install is pretty fresh, I bought a raspberry pi 4 and set it up like two weeks ago and this is the only issue I’ve noticed.

I don’t believe Kodi currently supports this subtitle format. I would suggest to use something like Subtitle Edit to convert it to a supported format.

Hadn’t heard of this subtitle type before - where did you get the file from?


It’s a W3C HTML5 thing. There are more sub formats out there than have any reason to exist. The application I listed above has support for most of them and can convert between formats.

Love Subtitle Edit. Good for so many things. I use it to clean up movies by converting subtitles to text where I can then search for things I do not want. On Linux, it runs fine via mono.

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It is possible to to create an edl (edit decision list) with it as well. I suppose if someone really wanted to they could probably remove all subs but the ones over the parts they found undesirable and then save that out as an edl to automatically skip past those parts of the program. I believe the method I used was to set the format as adobe encore tabs (to get the correct time code format) and then set the subtitle text to the number “3” which is what tells Kodi to auto skip over the time listed on that line.

That’s very true, good at that too. Unfortunately I have to edit the subtitles and the audio as not all my devices can use edl files. Not a lot of work though, the most important part is the converting to text.