Weird artefacts on posters


Just wondering if anyone else is seeing really weird artefacts on posters in some views on the Vero 4k+?

I have an issue where the right border on most of the posters have some weird artefacts.

It happens in both Estuary and OSMC Skin in multiple different list views.
If I hit “Information” they display absolutely fine (IMG_20181027_200437, the second image displays that).

The posters in question have 0 artefacts on my old machine (Nvidia GFX and regular intel x86) connected to the same TV/AVR.

I’ve tried different refresh rates just to see but it doesn’t change anything, the artefact changes slightly upon every open of the view as well, so it’s not something static when the image is resized and cached (which is the case IIRC).

Grateful for any help as it’s the only thing I see as an issue with my new shiny Vero, sadly for me its distracting enough to think about sending my Vero back as I just have a few days left to decide on keeping it or not :frowning:

Are the posters in HD ? If not they probably won’t look pristine

I saw this issue before about a year and a half ago. Thought we’d fixed it.

Does it happen with all posters or just some?
What scraper are you using? Ideally if I can get the same images, I can reproduce.

@lvikstrom have you tried deleting the thumbnail directory and letting OSMC re-cache the artwork.

For movies it happens on…maybe 5%?
But on TV Shows it’s more like 80-85% of them, so far from what I’ve seen if they have the artefact in the list of “Choose artwork” they’ll have it in the list views as well, but never seen it on the Information view (guessing resize issue somehow).

I’m using “The TVDB” scraper, using English as the language. No secondary scraper or anything weird.
“Better Call Saul” seems to have it on every single poster in the “Select Poster” list, most of them have a white border but if I look closer it’s clear that the ones that doesn’t have a white(ish) artefact has a a few black pixels on the right side.


All have the issue for me at least

Yeah, it’s not a cache issue as there are some differences between each time I enter the view, and if there is a video playing in the background the artefact constantly changes a bit.

I think it’s an ffmpeg bug rendering the JPEG. I think it is fixed in Kodi v18.

I will try reproduce the problem. Don’t worry — we can fix it.

Great, finally found a small silent system that does all I need so would suck to have to live with annoyances like this!

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to reproduce the issue, not sure if there really is anything I can do but I’ll gladly help in whatever way I can.

@sam_nazarko arn’t GUI elements like textures and artwork rendered using OpenGL?

Was this ever fixed?
I’ve been living with this issue from day one of owning my Vero 4K+ and would really love to be able to put it to rest.
I’ve tried creating my own posters at various aspect ratios and resolutions and have not been able to eliminate the issue.
I use the default skin.

Apparently not.

I’ll look in to this again.

What is your GUI resolution set to under Settings -> Display?
Does changing it help?


I’m set at 1080p60.
I’ve tried 720p60 and 4k also and it’s the same thing.
It’s how it’s being rendered or something because I can have a poster look fine and scroll down a few and come back to it and it get’s the artifacts on the right side.

I had the exact same problem even after the Leia update. If I remember correctly, it was to do with the scaling of the artwork or something. Below link might help. I was able to fix the issue but don’t remember what all I did besides adding the relevant tags from the link below.

Well, once the thumbnail is created and items can be found in the textures db, I think it won’t be recreated. So, purging the textures db and thumbnails looks to be a good try to see whether something improved meanwhile.

I still see this issue after the latest update btw, I’ve just learned to ignore it (though a fix would be very welcome).

I don’t think it has to do with the thumbnail generation, as the artefact changes between each loading of the view (for me at least).
Most likely has to do with some weirdness in the rendering of the image data, but hopefully @sam_nazarko has a better understanding on what’s going on if he’s already looked at it before.

Maybe pulling textures DB from another system and seeing if it causes an issue would be interesting?

(just notes for myself)


i get artifacts on local images and scrapers.

To help and try to minimize this issue I started to create local posters all the same resolution (1000x1500) thinking this may help, it didn’t.
But then I noticed that the poster images look way better when I use local files verse remote files, even if I got the exact same files from TMDB and just stored them locally.
But then in time they all get blurrier, like Kodi is caching a lower version or something.
Maybe there’s a way to increase the quality of the cached files… any ideas?

@Kontrarian - you are on the right track. Check out this link

The cached artwork is not the same size and there was a limitation of the max resolution cache could have on earlier Kodi versions. You would have to delete your textures.db and add two lines to advancesettings.xml

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Additionally to this if an export with artwork was performed then those files will be the resized images from the cache and they would need to be removed as well. If you delete Textures13.db then you should also delete the thumbnails folder as all those files become wasted space.

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