Weird Cec issue homecinema


i have a weird issue with my vero 4k and my home Cinema (Yamaha Rx A850) and i think it s related to Cec,
when the vero is off (red light) or when it idles for long, the homecinema seems to stop listening for audio streams.

I also use the tv’s soft. to watch Netflix and it is set with ARC on hdmi to send audio streams to the homecinema,
but after the vero goes to sleep the homecinema does not listen to stream any more for both the tv’s ARC and the Vero 4K.

i have to go to the tv and reset the audio output through HDMI and then everything goes (hopefully) back to normal.

I have a feeling there is a Cec war for control over the homecinema,

does it relate to a known issue ?


my setup is :

[vero 4k]-----Hdmi+Cec-----[RX A 850]--------Hdmi+ARC+Simplink-----[LG TV]

I can understand why this would happen when you standby the box. I have plans to improve UBoot to resolve this issue.

However it shouldn’t occur if you don’t suspend the device. I’d recommend disabling this feature as for now we don’t support CEC wake up, but will in the future


i’ll disable CEC Wake up

You can’t disable that as it’s not implemented currently

Rather I mean that you shouldn’t suspend your device and should turn off suspend when TV is powered off

Hello a little up to say that the issue is still there, not sure if it is related to suspend “mode” i’ll perform a test tomorow…