Weird HDMI behavior

My scenario is this:

Vero4K into Sony STR-DN1080 home cinema amp, which then feeds my Samsung TV via HDMI A and my projector via HDMI B. I have all activities set up using a Logitech Harmony remote, and I always switch OFF the HDMI A output when using my projector. Weirdly though when I go through the Vero menu and start a video, the TV switches itself on! None of my other devices (Satellite, Blu Ray, Gaming Consoles, Fire TV) exhibit this behavior, only the Vero. And I can’t work out how it’s even managing to circumvent the HDMI control of the amp? Anybody got any clues?

I would play around with the options in settings>system>input>peripherals>CEC, or just turn off the “enable” option there if your not using CEC and reboot.

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Thanks man, didn’t even know that section existed!