Weird OSMC Skin behaviour

I just switched from the Kodi default skin to the OSMC skin and I noticed something weird.

If I navigate to a movie → Information → More…, then I see all audio and subtitle tracks of the movie.
Now if I start a movie → stop it → go back at least one menu level → navigate to the movie again → Information → More…, then there is only the audio track listed, which I had selected when stopping the movie. And no matter which subtitle track I had selected, subtitle tracks aren’t listed anymore in the “Info->More” menu after playback.

So in short: In the “Info->More” menu I can only see all audio and subtitle tracks, when I never played the file before.

This doesn’t affect playback at all, but I wanted to tell you.


Before first playback:

After playback:

This is not a skin bug, but a Kodi issue… It’s been discussed here:

It seems to be fixed in Kodi v18.4 :+1:t2:

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Is there a set release date for 18.4?

I think it will be released on Saturday

And when will there be an OSMC build based on 18.4?

When it’s tested and verified to work on OSMC without regression.

Usually this only takes a few days


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