Weird stuttering video

Getting some strange stuttering video, here - it looks almost as if the frames are being displayed in the wrong order. Could well be a bad rip, but the same video plays okay on other devices. I’ll upload a sample video in a moment. Meanwhile, here are some debug logs:


Sample video uploaded to:

This isn’t forgotten – just very busy around here.


I have noticed if I load another file before other stops playing it looks to stutter/skip frames (doesnt happen all time though). stopping the file and reopenning fixes it

I’m not sure how this is related to @angry.sardine’s issue however there was an issue where the decoder was not always closed properly and this was fixed in a recent update. If you can tell us how to reproduce this problem please start a new post outlining how to do so with some logs so we can verify you are on the latest version



If it happens again i`ll save the files, but off mememory it was going from 4k file to 720/1080, As the 2 shows i was watching in that order daily, but it didnt happen everytime, just 1-2 times in a week.

Currently on 17.4 I believe, but this was in november but ran out of them programs to watch

That’s a very old version of OSMC and won’t be supported anymore.


typo 19.4 :slight_smile:

@angry.sardine Could you reproduce the issue with any other videos? Otherwise I’d be inclined to chalk it up to a bad rip

Other episodes of the same series.

I would agree that the rip might be suspect, but the same videos play perfectly on other devices, like my Oppo blu ray player; so, if the rip is bad, it’s bad in a way that other devices can perfectly compensate for, but the Vero 4K+ cannot. Perhaps that doesn’t matter; and it’s not a particularly big deal to me, because obviously I can play them on something else; but I thought you might want to check it out and see what’s going on.

If you can send another sample I can take another look and see if there’s something in common.

Reissue of original clip, plus three others: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I noticed today that it’s the only the start of the episode that seems to cause the problem - if I make an extract that starts 5 minutes in, that plays perfectly; and even if I play the episode from the start, but then skip forward 30 seconds, it then starts playing correctly; but if I don’t skip forward it keeps playing jerkily for much longer than 30 seconds. So it seems like there’s something right at the start that gets it into a weird state, and it remains in that state until you skip.

I won’t be able to download this for about a week – currently travelling and only have access to low speed mobile internet.

I think WeTransfer only keeps stuff for 7 days. But if you let me know when you’ve got normal access again, I can upload them again.

The ZIP is only 300MB, so I was able to download it, never mind.

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