Weirdly specific, specifically weird question about Chorus or Chorus 2

I have used OSMC on a Pi to create a streaming radio station, using ezstream and a lot of headache. It works perfectly. The only problem is that for it to work properly, I have to expose my Kodi web interface to the internet. Obviously, that won’t work. So I’m looking for suggestions to help me get past this last hurdle. Once I am able to fix this issue, I want to do a proper feature request, because I believe this should be a feature/addon for Kodi. Is there a way to create a read only output of the Chorus or Chorus2 interface (modified to remove interactivity) that can be displayed in a frame of another website, without leaving myself exposed? Like creating a second instance of the web interface that can then be customized to remove buttons.

This is best requested on the Kodi forums; as it’s not part of OSMC

The web server is not intended to be public facing.
It’d be better to use something like Flask to generate a small API and use the XBMC Python API to control things.


I’ll look into that. Thank you.

Hey, so I was wondering about the Flask server. Should it run within OSMC as a python addon or should it be a seperate python file running through CLI. And if the later is true, then how do I use XBMC Python API in an external python file ?