What changed with the most recent update that affects video playback?

I had not used my Vero 2 for video playback for more than a year at one point because displaying subtitles caused the video to stutter / noticeably drop the framerate, then speed up again.*
Then I updated my Vero 2 and the issue was completely gone. Nice!

Idiot that I am I updated the device again a few weeks later to what I think is currently the newest version (November 2019. 2019.11-1).
The exact same subtitle issue occurs again. :sweat_smile:

Can you guys tell me what might have changed in november that caused this (I think the ‘working version’ was the one before that, not sure though). Going through some of the update notes I did not see anything. The crux seems to be changes in your updates. Before that everything worked again for a short period, all kinds of subtitle formats, external, included in the mkv. etc.

  • I posted about this a while ago to no avail, and again I have to potentially frustrate people who wanna help by stating that I will not post a log because the log includes sensitive network information due to whatever changes I made while tinkering around with the device years ago.

Unfortunately without a log it’s going to be tough to resolve.

I have some improvements for V2 that I will make available shortly however


As per How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

Sanitizing your logs

While generally the script tries to hide all passwords we know that certain people still are not comfortable with any information shared. If you are one of those first create the file locally, edit it and then upload it. To do so use:

grab-logs -A -C
nano /boot/uploadlog.txt
paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt

If you upload a such altered log file please let us know so that we don’t wonder about possible gaps.

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