What do you guys think about the new redesign osmc skin?

Hey guys, Its been a long time sense i updated the skin and honestly, i personality don’t like the skin cause they removed the old themes and they deprecated Overlay Colour Option. Now im not against osmc but sometimes i have to disagree on some stuff like their new skin just cause the themes are just so plane and its not as good and in order to change the Overlay Colour Option, you have to change the background colour which is annoying.
New Translucent themes

Old Translucent themes

New Custom Options without the Overlay Colour Option

What do you think about the new redesign osmc skin?
Do you guys agree with some of the stuff im saying and do you guys think they should bring back the old theme?

This has been covered across several topics that you have started.

Our position remains unchanged.
You can use the old skin if you wish to do so.

Long-term users on this forum will know that we listen to skin feature requests that are getting support from our community or seem a good and sensible addition. Insinuating on github and our forum that we don’t listen to requests on the forum and aggressively posting about personal frustration with a certain feature (triple posting on the forum, now posting about it a fourth time!) that’s frankly up to taste, is irritating, tbh.

That being said, we do listen, if there’s something about changes or new ideas that are not optimal. The new skin design has been thought through and we’ve not had a lot of negative feedback.

Means: We’re not planning to reverse to the old design, but we’re always open to feature requests regarding possible improvements.
Bringing back the overlay colour setting can very well go on the list of possible improvements, if that’s something users would like to see.