What do you use MicroSD card for in Vero 4K?


Besides the ability of storing media there, are there any functional uses for having MicroSD in Vero 4K.

I thought about having a RetroPi there but that does not seem to be supported.

Are there any IO tasks that could be offloaded to a MicroSD?

Also, what is the “native” or optimal file system for OSMC?


First an main functional use is to have a reinstall option via SD Card.

EXT2, EXT4 and BTRFS can be considered “native” Filesystems of OSMC (Debian Linux)

Can it be done via a USB dongle as well? I see that the Wiki says SD Card, but were there any hardware limitation for making it possible via a USB port?


Not at this time. I could look at adding support for this in the future. I added a test for it before and it worked fine.

I’ve added support for reinstallation via USB

I hope I will not need to reinstall though. :slight_smile: