What do you use the sd card slot for?

Hi there is there any tweaks i can use the sd card for or is it only for media and so on?
Tried to save my logs on the sd card but no files will not show up.


I was told it was for updates.

That’s a good question. I am (or will be) storing a lot of fanart etc on Vero internal memory so was thinking that it would better to do that on SD card.

Not entirely sure how to do that.

Question to Vero dev’s, what can you do with the SD card and how please? Apologies if i missed it in the wiki or forums.


You can use an SD card for anything you wish, storing movies, your database, thumbs, etc. Just like a USB stick.

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I kinda think you should remove it to save the pennies (or replace it with another USB). I’d wager very few people use SD cards in their devices.

But hey, I’m happy to be proven wrong in this regard.

Hu? You mean remove the slot? It has a use other than what the OP asked about. It’s also used to recover from a corrupt installation. But there is no reason why it can’t be used as expansion storage also…

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Can’t you use a USB card reader + SD card, or USB stick - to recover from a corrupt installation?

With the Vero 4K, unless I’m mistaken, if you have a major corruption of the internal storage, you need to use a SD card + the ‘toothpick method’ to repair. Also you can use the SD card slot to test a custom kernel without installing it, so it has other uses. Plus, why not use it for extra storage? Looks cleaner than a USB stick :wink:

Well, then I’d like to see the ability to do this via USB (if you really can’t already) and make the SD card slot a USB port. And why? Because…

e.g. how much is a 512GB SD card of good quality? And how much is a USB-based SSD?

Let’s be honest, having a USB stick or SSD attached isn’t messy. You’ve already got a power cable and HDMI cable and ethernet cable and who knows what else already connected.

At the end of the day, all things being equal, a USB port is more useful than an SD card slot, if a choice exists for either.

Those are my feelings and I’m sticking to them. :smiley:

What do you use the sd card slot for ?

Dual Booting to test out CoreELEC Kodi Leia ! :wink:

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Does CoreELEC run on Vero 4K+? How can the dual boot be done?

Just make sure you avoid any internal storage installation; or you will likely find yourself unable to reinstall OSMC on to the device.

The SD card slot can be used for external storage or to reinstall OSMC. You can also use a USB stick to reinstall OSMC.

It wouldn’t really save money. We’d need to open a new mold, and SD is still needed for WiFi and Bluetooth (hooked up via SDIO).


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Well… trust you to come along and be all logical and stuff. :joy: