What do you use to rename your TV show files?

I used to use The Renamer to rename my TV show files. It generally worked perfectly for what I wanted, and I was happy.

However, first the TVDB had a layout change, which appeared to affect how The Renamer scraped info, as it stopped working when scraping from there. That was annoying but using some of the other scraper options got me by. Then I had a Win10 update, and now The Renamer won’t even open.

It doesn’t look like it has been supported for quite a while, so I’m not expecting a fix.

So what do people use to automatically rename their tv show files? I’m looking for something as simple as The Renamer was - drag the file into the window, and it scrapes based on the filename and then renames.


I’ve used filebot.net in the past on a Windows machine.

Thanks, I’ll check that out and see how it goes.

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Media Center Master

I use Tiny Media Manager https://www.tinymediamanager.org/

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Depending of how far the name are distant from the correct one you may not have to if such consideration is acceptable for you of course. I get my files from many sources and order them by folders. The year helps a lot for reboot etc.

Serie_name 2018
----Season 01
--------episodes w/o renaming

I rarely had to change anything for Kodi and it ease the access through Samba share

ssh and mv

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Sonarr handles this very well…even for shows that haven’t been downloaded through Sonarr. I used to use filebot but it’s not needed anymore.