What does OSMC do?

I installed it. I played with the menus. I managed to mount an SMB volume. It never appears in the menus.

I can play a video by navigating to the filesystem, to the mounted volume and clicking on the file. Is that it? It’s not really very simple. What are the “videos” and “music” menus for? I couldn’t get them to do anything.

Is there some simple walk through for people who have never used OSMC before?

You have to add so called Sources. For example, you have one folder with Movies in it. Then you add that folder as Movie-Source and OSMC scans that folder for Movies.

Look in the Wiki to find out, how to add add Sources: http://kodi.wiki/view/Media_Sources

If you’re more comfortable working with a different skin in Kodi, like Confluence, you can change it in Settings > Appearance.

Awesome username ;-). I think the problem was that as I clicked on say "videos’ the submenu items moved up so only the lowest one was visible.

Thanks. Glad you got it figured out.

Thanks, I changed to confluence and works very well.