What Does This Message Mean?

I used to have the LCARS 47 Screensaver on my Vero 4K many years ago.
It is this: system 47 - star trek lcars screensaver
A Vero update disabled it.

I thought I would see if there was an updated version available to install & I see it was Updated: March 03, 2020 (on that web page).

I downloaded the .zip file but when I go to install it, I get this message “failed to install add-on from zip file. The dependency on xbmc.python version 2.25.0 could not be satisfied”
What does that message mean & is there any way around it?

Assuming there is not, I came across this video of a person adapting an old Windows version to run on a Linux box: LCARS System 47 Screensaver on Linux | Install and Service Creation - YouTube
The place he downloaded it from is System 47
The “download” link leads to here: System47 - download

I have never used any system other than Windows so am out of my depth here.

Perhaps someone could either point me to the Screensaver version that will install on both my Vero 4K & 4K+, or be interested enough to do the conversion for those of us who miss not having the Screensaver, if, indeed, there are others who miss it?

One of the changes between Kodi v18 and Kodi v19 is that Python version 2 is no longer supported in add-ons; so that screensaver presumably won’t work under Kodi v19, and there’s no way round that.

Thanks for your answer.
What version of Python is now supported in add-ons?

Python3. There was a huge change in Python between 2 and 3 that broke a ton of stuff, and that’s why you can’t run old add-ons that weren’t converted in Kodi 19/20. I can’t remember exactly what versions of Python3 are supported, but it’s a pretty wide range since on some platforms Kodi uses whatever is installed (mostly Linux variants) and some use a bundled version (MacOS and Windows).

Thanks for the explanation.
I have asked in the Kodi Forum if the Screensaver will be updated to work with Kodi v19.
Am awaiting a reply.