What format for my external HDD?

I’m trying to find some conclusive answer and – of course – am coming up to a variety of opinions in my searches.

For my OSMC raspberry pi setup…what is the best format for my external media? Should I use a native linux system? Or since there are Windows and Apple machines in my house, should I be using NTFS or Mac Extended or something?

The drives in question would probably only be plugged into the Raspberry Pi, but I’ll occasionally want to add files to them directly from other machines.

Opinions? Thanks!

Unless you’ve added the facility to Windows to read/write ext3, your best bet is probably NTFS - I don’t know about Mac Extended.

Mac Extended won’t work with the Pi, use NTFS. Doesn’t matter how the other drives on the network are formatted. I’m using Paragon NTFS for Mac OSX Preference Pane to read and write portable media, including stuff for my various Pi’s.

How many Pis do you have?

I felt cool with two!

Speaking of which, can I happily run my Pi 2 as a media server for the house, torrent/nzb box, and player for my living room TV with the other (512mb board revision 3) as a player in the bedroom?

Or should I dedicate one (which one?) to the downloading/media and have the media playing only ever on a dedicated pi?

I replaced my Model B with a 2B, and I’ve got another B around here somewhere. You should be able to what you want, I think, the 2B doesnt work very hard just playing videos. I’ve moved the B and an old tv into the bedroom just for the heck of it.