What hardware?

I’m currently running OSMC /Kodi 18.9 on a Pi 3.

I saw the notification for Kodi 19.1 and I’m wondering if it’s worth upgrading to a Pi 4 at the same time? Will I see any benefit over the Pi 3?

I’ll use the old Pi 3 for something…


Faster GUI
HVEC Hardware decode
4K Playback.

But when considering an upgrade to a Pi4 which considering all the needed new parts (Power Supply, Case, HDMI Cable) is close to a Vero4k the Vero4k should be considered especially if you want a Mediacenter as all the topics of HDR, Atmos Sound and 3D are already sorted out compared to the Pi4.

Maybe you should consider a Vero 4K+? But without knowing what you intend to use it for, it’s going to be hard for people to advise you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had wondered about moving to a Vero. At the end of the day the price difference between a Pi 4 and a Vero isn’t much.

Most of what I watch is video from my NAS; plus a bit of iPlayer. I always had the intention to set some streaming services and a DVD and PVR up but so far I’ve not done it.

I’ve not much interest in 4k video and play my sound through the TV speakers. A lot of the stuff that I watch is in B&W and mono so hi-def’s not really worth it…

Then stay with the Pi3


I second this opinion. From what it sounds like you would only gain a slight bit of speed in the UI as your not playing any content that is currently problematic with the RPi 3 and Kodi 19. It would probably be disappointing spending the money for capabilities your not going to take advantage of.