What if power goes off?

I had been running crystalbuntu usb stick for several years, taking the power cord or sudden power off didn’t corrupt the usb stick and it always loads successfully, now I switched to osmc and tried this in case the power goes off to see what happens, the usb stick can’t load giving mount error, tried formatting it using the HP disk tool and it can’t because it’s write protected!, this means if power goes off for any reason then I had to reinstall osmc and may be also need a new usb.

You just need to access by SSH and issue

sudo umount /boot
sudo fsck.hfsplus -f /dev/sdb1
sudo mount -o force,rw /dev/sdb1 /boot

the problem is that I can’t ssh, I’ve connected through ethernet but it doesn’t show up on the network, I can’t even format the usb, I have osmc on my hdd but any future power outage will corrupt it, I didn’t face this with crystalbuntu usage for 3 years using the same usb drive, I hope I’ll be able to install crystalbuntu again

CB very rarely updated; so the problem was less likely to occur.

Unfortunately though…

Crystalbuntu is dead.
AppleTV is also pretty much dead; but I’m doing my best to keep it alive.

If you want to keep supporting OSMC and liked Crystalbuntu, consider Vero 4K.

thanks, but I’m not talking about updates, I turned updates off, I’m talking about apple tv losing power suddenly due to power outage or by the user on purpose or accidentally, this wasn’t an issue with crystalbuntu, actually yesterday I unplugged apple tv without setting osmc to ‘power off’, It didn’t start and failed to mount, tried different suggestions but in the end reinstalled osmc on the hdd,

what I plan to do is run osmc from usb ( a new one since the I used is useless now), download all the plugins I use, then use ‘win32 disk imager’ to make an image of the usb, so in case it get corrupted I use the backed image.

You can yank the power on AppleTV with OSMC without problems.
I’ve done this before without issue.

But updates won’t work properly if this happens

If you’re using a USB stick, make sure it’s a good one.


thanks by the way for all the great work you did Sam