"What If...?" TV shown don't see in scraper


I downloaded “What If…?” (french version) in 720P, 1080p and 4K,… and when I run scrapers, TVDB, TMDB or the new TMDB, my Vero 4K can’t find an episode, I think it’s only for this serie but I don’t understand why… I have only the cover but whith 0 épisode

Has anyone had this problem?


A log showing what happens while scraping would be helpful. Also how the files are named (including the full pathname).

EDIT: I was trying to edit this, but had a power outage… I checked TMDB and there are several possible matches for What If… . You may need to add the year of the proper version to help the scraper find it, or create an nfo file with a link to the correct version.