What is happening with the App Store?

The App Store has not seen any additions for 2 years now.
I was patient and understood a lot of work had to be done that us normal users might not even notice after an update. And even though the # of users that actually have 4K HDR content is very small, I understand a lot of time has been spend to allow for smooth playback. But now I get the impression there is zero focus or attention to add anything at all.

Meanwhile, there is dedication to build a test app so that users can receive push notifications on their mobile phone when someone posts something on this forum…

Some suggestions that could be done first:

  • I can remember Sam telling me he would create some documentation on the OSMC Wiki to help enthusiast users create apps for their favourite programs. Surely, that should have a higher priority?
  • Spotify Connect is still an unfriendly and sometimes annoying hack.
    It technically works, but since Kodi/OSMC is not aware of Spotify, you cannot stop the stream using your remote. It can lead to issues and no audio when you play something in OSMC (can require reboot).
    Compared to LibreElec where they show playback info and allow you to have the basic controls (a stop button is enough for me).
  • rTorrent would be nice as alternative to the dated and limited Transmission (which has a devteam that doesn’t want to do something about vague error messages that nobody understands, which leads to numerous forum posts that could have been prevented).
  • OpenVPN, SyncThing, Nextcloud, Unifi Controller all examples of things the OSMC DevTeam does not necessarily need to focus on, but enthusiast users could create the app. Especially SyncThing would be very easy. For OpenVPN you might also want to create some UI in MyOSMC (that would be out of scope until devteam has time). If only we had some guide or documentation how to add something to the Store.

We can’t clone Sam, but if he starts building a forum app, aren’t we all lost?

Still working on a new App Store. This is an extremely large undertaking, particularly when you need to maintain backwards compatibility

But once done it makes adding new applications very easy to do. It does not make sense to add new apps to the existing store.

Unfortunately people will always have their own opinion of what should be worked on as a matter of priority.

That’s not correct.

I am not sure that’s the case. We have a lot of Vero 4K users. We do spend a lot of time maintaining that platform as it sponsors OSMC. No Vero = no OSMC.

Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t realize a new App Store was being build, might have missed a blog post. That sounds really promising actually! I was just upset when I read that Tapatalk forum.

@Sam thanks for correcting me, I will be more patient.