What is the best way to install OSMC on a RPi Zero

As the subject:
I have OSMC running on several RPi3 and RPi4 boxes, but I wonder if it is possible to run OSMC on RPiZero instead.
Given what I use on the current installations and what an RPiZero can do I wonder if I can switch to using Zero W or Zero 2W instead?
Those are much more convenient to attach on the back side of the TV thanks to their small size.
My current installations carry big local USB hard drives, but I have found that my use case is normally to get the videos off of an SMB share on the networked Ubuntu server. So a local HDD seems like overkill.
Taking that away means that the size can be reduced a lot.

Specific questions:

  • What is the best way to install?
    Maybe to do it with the SDcard attached to an RPi3 first and then just move the SDcard over?
  • Powering the Pi
    Can I power the PiZero off of the TV USB connector, so it starts with the TV, or is that not a good operation mode?
  • Remote key transfers
    Does the Micro-HDMI connector handle CEC remote key code transfer to Kodi? I only use the TV remote for Kodi operations…
  • General CPU power
    Is the Zero good enough for viewing videos off a SMB share on a TV screen? Maybe model dependent?

I do have a test unit (type W) with the following printed:
“Raspberry Pi Zero W V1.1”

Could it run OSMC or is it too limited?

My videos are only 852x480 px unless they come from my phone (only a few such videos).
No libraries involved since there are no commercial product here.

I think you would have memory issues mostly because of all the overhead you run. If you want to try it load a prebuild image of OSMC from their site and let boot first time from the Zero… But I’m sure your gonna run out of memory fast. the one core processor will be an issue as well being it would be working hard to run everything… To me Zeros are kinda like a camera door bell button a Camera with a bell … LOL

If what you have works, stick with it.

I don’t think it makes sense to use a Pi Zero instead. Energy saving will also be minimal.