What is the correct way to change hardware keyboard language in kodi 18?

According to the following threads it was said, that in Kodi 18 you can change the hardware keyboard layout directly in Kodi?

Am I missing something, because this is not working for me.

I have set the keyboard layout to Danish in Settings>Interface>Regional But it is still GB layout.

Continuing the discussion from German Keyboard Layout:

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Settings->Interface->Regional sets the layout for a hardware keyboard.
Oops! see below.

Sorry, forgot to mention that it is a logitech K400 keyboard i am talking about.

In kodi 17 I used the followong command to change the keyboard, but Sam did not recommend doing it this way.

sudo apt install console-common

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data

No, that should no longer be necessary. If the Region settings aren’t working, that’s a Kodi issue. Though you may have to make sure the OS has the necessary keyboard layouts installed.

I can’t test atm - away from home.

Thank you for your answer.

How do I make sure that the necessary layouts are installed and if not, how do i install them?

Apologies. It’s Settings->System->Input->Keyboard layouts that sets the hardware layouts.

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Thank you very much, totally missed that one myself.