What is the "engine" for the forum?


I like the layout of this forum, the way to made a new topic and to edit.

Can I have the name of this “engine” (CMS, extensions, others …) ?

Thank you.


The basis is http://www.discourse.org/

But Mark did quite a few customizations.

Ok, thank you very much :cake: :slightly_smiling:

Could you please also tell a few more things?

  1. Which plugin is being used to customize the category names to look like badges? (with solid background)
  • How the page Wiki - OSMC is being generated? Is there some plugin for Discourse to create wiki from discourse-wiki-pages?

Thank you in advance.

@marktheis will be the staff member in the best position to answer these questions for you :wink:

  1. No plugin for that. There’s a setting in discourse for it.

  2. Sam and I made the wiki functionality. Using the json API to get all the content and then render it on osmc.tv. someone from discourse found our wiki system interesting, so maybe they’re working on something similar.

See What wiki software? - #5 by sam_nazarko