What is the native OSMC bluetooth reconnect command?

Alright. Bluetooth is a pain in the ass on RPi. The built-in one seems to be unusable - at least with OSMC. Now with an extra dongle everything is fine. However I need an auto-connect on startup. So what is the exact the command the OSMC-UI is using when it re-connects to a known device (red BT-symbol)? And I would appreciate to have a systemd template to run a stable service. How come this is not a built-in option? I mean am I such a special snowflake in wanting this?

In theory if a BT device is trusted by OSMC/RPi it will reconnect automatically. If you pair using My OSMC devices are automatically trusted.

I just checked and both my BT speaker and BT keyboard do automatically reconnect if I shut down and restart. It does take a few seconds.

A single command to reconnect is not easy. Also note we had a user with a BT audio device that would not work if the re-connection was made from OSMC but was fine when it was allowed to connect to OSMC as a trusted device.

None of my Bluetooth devices reconnects nowadays, so it seems like some regression has been introduced. The 3 devices tested are 8bitdo Controllers of various models that all managed to reconnect automatically on earlier OSMC versions (haven’t played for a while)

Works for me. Try removing the devices and re-pairing.

Done so already. Can’t recall which of the four BT modes I’m using for pairing the controllers however, if that matters.

OK. BT audio (speaker and smartphone) are working here but my keyboard isn’t. We’ll have to investigate.

Are you able to connect with bluetoothctl and get the output of info so we can see what sort of device we are dealing with?

If you mean the pre-programmed modes for Switch, Mac, X-box etc, I doubt that affects the BT connection itself.

Edit: nothing to do with audio vs keyboard. If I pair, trust and connect using bluetoothctl, everything works as expected. It’s just My OSMC that’s not working. Someone is looking into that.

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