What pakages are available?

I have just bought a RP2, and installed OSMC today and is fiddeling around a bit.
I thought I’d get LIRC running and use my USB IR-reciver to control OSMC.

But when trying to use some standard commands I noticed they are not available, I couldn’t run lsusb
and I coulnd’t install usbutils via apt-get. Same thing with mc, vim and some other packages.

What respositories/packages are available ? I can add something to get access to debian packages ?

Thank you for your work!
OSMC is great!

Did you run apt-get update first?

You should have access to the full Debian repositories on Pi 2, and a very large subset for Pi1 (Raspbian)


Ah! A rookie mistake, well, it is good to be humbled from time to time I guess.
I thought a had moved past the Linux-noob stage.
Anyways, thank you very much!

Have a forum search before blindly installing lirc or whatever, OSMC has a few custom packages available